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System Requirements Installation Hints other operating systems
  • Spectragryph runs on 32bit and 64bit version of
    • Win XP
    • Win Vista
    • Win 7
    • Win 8.1
    • Win 10
  • install file size: about 5MB
  • requires about 20 MB disk space
  • runs on all hardware less than 15 years old

>> please install with admin permissions <<
(otherwise won't be able to read & save *.spc files!)

How to do this? see this screenshot
(right click on spectragryph_install_1.0.exe and choose "Run as Administrator" from the menu)

Uninstalling Spectragryph:
Just use the "Uninstall Spectragryph" feature from the Windows Start Menu. Don't use those uninstallers from web sites saying "How to Uninstall Spectragryph" or the like. These are scam and trick you into something you never wanted...

the current version works with LINUX in a wine environment (tested with wine 0.9.20 by Thomas Mitterfellner, tested with wine 1.2 by Daniel Mader).

The current version will run on MacOS inside VirtualBox, an open source software provided by Sun Microsystems, Inc.
It also runs on MacOsX 10.6.8 or higher using Wine/ WineBottler in version 1.6-rc2 or higher. In this case, no virtual operating system is needed (Information from Stefan Örtel, Visp/ Switzerland).

download the software other downloads
Download Spectragryph
(english version v1.0.7 from March 20 2017, size: 5.2 MB)
test spectra :
a zipped file (testspek_en.zip) with samples of most Spectragryph readable file types (1.58 MB, 208 spectra)
  One-page flyer on Spectragryph software (PDF file). For sharing or putting up your institution's billboard
Listing of all recognized file types & manufacturers (PDF file).
One-page explanation of the Spectragryph user interface


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