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Spectral databases, ready-to-use with the new database search function in Spectragryph

(the time-limited trial version allows unlimited entries, licensed versions with unlimited database entries available for purchase)

How to use: just unzip and load into Spectragryph, with the [Load Database...] button from the Identify ribbon. For explanations, see the database part of the online manual and a tutorial video!

database file description
(54.6 MB)
Collection of 3087 Raman spectra of minerals, provided by the RRUFF project from University of Arizona.
(data set from 2012, as part of CrystalSleuth software)

For many mineral species, there are several entries, which allows to get an impression for the intra- and inter-species spectral variations. A speed comparison of Spectragryph against their free CrystalSleuth software, showed Spectragryph to perform 9x faster, while doing the search with full resolution for all spectra (spectral similarity algorithm).
(89.6 MB)
Collection of 5185 Raman spectra from 1677 minerals at four laser wavelengths (data with status: "excellent, processed, unoriented"), provided by the RRUFF project from University of Arizona.
(most current state, retrieved on 2017-06-13 from http://rruff.info/zipped_data_files/raman/)
(11.2 MB)
Collection of 882 FTIR absorbance spectra of minerals, provided by the RRUFF project from University of Arizona.
(most current state, retrieved on 2017-06-13 from http://rruff.info/zipped_data_files/infrared/)
(1.7 MB)
Collection of 881 NIR-MIR-FIR reflectance spectra of rocks and minerals, as provided by the U.S. Geological survey (USGS Digital Spectral Library as version splib06a, section M, currently there is version 7).
Collection of 363 FTIR absorbance of natural & biogenic material of archeological interest. Collected and provided by Prof. Steven Weiner from Kimmel Center for Archaeological Science, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
(445 KB)
Collection of 35 FTIR transmittance spectra of glues, gums and resins used by painters. Downloaded in 2004 from http://www.archaeometrielabor.com, which is now defunct.
(366 kB)
Raman spectra of 55 common pigments, both natural and synthetic, known to have been in use before ~1850 AD . Compiled by Ian M. Bell, Robin J.H. Clark and Peter J. Gibbs Christopher Ingold Laboratories, University College London, UK. Downloaded from http://www.chem.ucl.ac.uk/resources/raman/
(516 kB)
Collection of 24 solid state Raman spectra of carbohydrates from the monomers and their derivatives to complex polysaccharides. Compiled by S.B.Engelsen from Royal Vet. and Agricultural University, Denmark
(2.55 MB)
Collection of 144 FTIR spectra of organic solvents, monomers and additives used in polymer chemistry. Compiled by Dr. R. Badger at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point for his Polymer Science Learning Center
(1.98 MB)
Collection of 300 absorbance and fluorescence spectra of organic dyes, as provided with the PhotochemCAD software by Jonathan Lindsey. Retrieved from http://omlc.org/spectra/PhotochemCAD/html/index.html

See also another part of this website with a link collection of spectral databases!


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