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Transmission & Optical Metrology Systems
for filter, Films, Optical Components

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Optical Metrology System Features
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  • Measure %Transmission, Optical Density (OD), Absorbance, and Reflectance of films, filters, coatings, fibers, lenses and just about any optical element

  • Optical Metrology Systems include a mini spectrometer, light source, and a metrology accessory such as a reflectance probe or transmission fixture

  • Systems available for 190-2300nm wavelength range

  • Resolutions better than 1nm with high stability research grade optical performance and repeatability

Spectrometers for Color Measurement
The most commonly used instrument for the measurement of the optical performance of filters, films, and optical components is a spectrometer. Easily measure %Transmission, Optical Density (OD), Absorbance, and Reflectance of just about any optical element for purposes of R&D, quality control, production, or simply to better understand your system.

Using a StellarNet fiber optic spectrometer coupled to a reflectance probe and fiber optic light source, it is possible to measure film thickness by detecting the sinusoidal fringe pattern from the samples specular reflectance. Choose between various StellarNet spectrometers to suite your Thin Film and/or optical measurement requirement. StellarNet offers model spectrometers that range from 190-2300nm. Dual channel configurations, extended range detectors, or high resolution optics can be employed to suite your optical measurement. See the StellarNet Thin Film Companion Software Page to learn more about film thickness measurements.

A fiber optic sample probe is powered with a fiber optic light source – SL1 tungsten krypton bulb (see other options below). For measuring the color of solid samples, an integrating sphere, such as the IC2, is used in place of the fiber optic reflectance probe to improve measurement consistency. The IC2 also acts as a cosine receptor to improve irradiance measurements. A white reflectance standard, such as the RS50 also listed below, is required to generate a reference for subsequent measurement of solid samples. For more information on color applications, refer to the section entitled ” Color Measurement Systems”.

Filter Transmission Measurements (200-1700nm) using a SL5 UV-VIS Deuterium Halogen Light Source, Transmission Fixture, Optical Fibers and Y-splitter fiber, and BLACK-Comet + DWARF-Star DUAL-DSR System Specular Reflectance Measurement 280-900nm using an SL1-Filter Tungsten Halogen Lamp, R600 Reflectance Probe, and a BLACK-Comet Spectrometer

TFX-4 Transmission Fixture TFX-IC2 Vertical Transmission Fixture RPH Reflectance Probe Fiber Optic Cable RS50 white Reflectance Standard DRS-HR Specular Reflectance Standard

Transmission fixtures

TXF-4 includes two collimating lenses which allows the sample to be oriented vertically as shown above. The standard fixture allows a variable pathlength from 0 to 7cm. Custom posts can be designed to increase pathlength. Interchangeable parts allow the TXF-4 to be easily converted into the RPH-3 using the same base and stand.

TXF-IC2 Vertical transmission fixture with variable path length, includes 1 collimating lens and 1 miniature 2'' integrating sphere with 5/8'' port.Tfx-IC The integrating sphere collector is useful when measuring the transmission of thick samples such as bulletproof glass or samples with curved surfaces such as lenses.

The RPH Reflectance Probe has 6 illuminating fibers and 1 read fiber bundled together. As an option, the 2R probe has 5 illuminating fibers and 2 read fibers. Fibers are offered in 400µm and 600µm diameters. The RS50 is a 50mm diameter white reflectance standard made of Halon. It is used to take reference measurements using the R400 Reflectance Probe. The white standard will reflect >97% of the light from 300-1700nm.
See more of StellarNet’s Reflectance probes and standards information!

Fiber Optic Cables
Ruggedized, multimode fiber optic cables are available with SMA-905 connectors, ¼ inch diameter. steel mono-coil armor with black PVC jacket. Sizes include 400, 600, or 1000µm core diameters

Optical Metrology Standards
RS50 is a 50mm diameter white reflectance standard made of Halon. It is used to take reference measurements using the R400 Reflectance Probe. The white standard will reflect >97% of the light from 300-1700nm

RS-HR High-reflectivity Specular Reflectance Standard is a mirrored,fused-silica standard that can be used as a reference when StellarNet RSHR Specular Reflectance Standardmeasuring surfaces with high specular reflectance such as optical substrates, coatings, and metals

Transmission Sample Spectra  

Transmission Measurements of Neutral Density Filters. With a StellarNet optical metrology system you will never have to guess again.

Lens, filters, films, coatings, and plastics sometimes will have interesting characteristic fringe patterns in the far NIR. Be sure to test your samples!

RED-Wave-NIR-InGaAs – silver film for reference surface

Transmission spectra of various sun glass brands for color and UV blocking optical properties


Optical Metrology System Options
Transmission & Optical Measurement Spectrometers  
Concave Grating spectrometer for UV-VIS. C(190-850nm) or CXR (280-900nm)
Super Range Concave Grating spectrometer for UV-VIS-NIR. C-SR (200-1080nm) or CXR-SR (220-1100nm)
Extended range NIR spectrometer for 900-2300nm with 512 element PDA
Extended range NIR spectrometer for 900-2300nm with 1024 element PDA
BLACK-Comet model C-SR (UV-VIS-NIR, CCD) plus RED-Wave- NIR-512 (InGaAs PDA) for 200-1700nm
BLACK-Comet model C-SR (UV-VIS-NIR, CCD) plus RED-Wave-NIR- 1024 (InGaAs PDA) for 200-1700nmDA
Accessories for Optical Measurements  
SL1 Miniature VIS-NIR light source with 10,000 hour Tungsten Krypton bulb for 300-2200nm
SL3 Fiber optic deuterium light source with 4,000 hour Hamamatsu L2D2 bulb
SL5 Deuterium + Tungsten UV/Vis/NIR Lamp
TFX-4 vertical transmission fixture with variable path length, includes 2 collimating lenses. $495
F600-VIS-NIR Armored, 600um diameter single strand, multimode fiber optic cable with black PVC jacket and 2 SMA conectors-2 meter length for wavelength range 400-2200nm $160
RS50 Reflectance standard to set white reference, 50mm diameter
RFX-2 Reflectance fixture with integrated light source & F600-VIS-NIR fiber optic cable
RTIP-45 45° angled tip for reflectance probes; includes locking screw for positioning $125
RPH1 Reflectance Probe Holder for 45° angle measurements $80
R600-8-UVVIS-SR Reflectance probe for UV and Visible; 7 around 1 with 600um fibers $595
R600-8-VISNIR Reflectance probe for Visible and NIR; 7 around 1 with 600um fibers $495

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