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SpectroRadiometers - LED Measurement Systems

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LED measurement features
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  • Measure LED optical output in Luminous & Radiant Flux, spectral irradiance and LUX, microwatts/cm2, moles per second, PAR, Footcandles, CRI & CQS

  • LED Measurement Systems include a miniature spectrometer, a fiber optic cable (or direct attachment), a light collecting accessory/integrating sphere, and a NIST traceable intensity calibration

  • Real-time 1931 CIE Chromaticity diagram for xy Chromaticity, Dominant Wavelength, Purity, and Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)

  • LED Testing spectrometers available to cover the 200-1700nm range

More and more incandescent lights are being replaced by LEDs each day. LEDs have the advantages of increased efficiency, color specificity, size, response time, lifetime, and numerous other factors. StellarNet’s line of low cost miniature spectroradiometers are the perfect tool to analyze LEDs for both irradiant output, color, spectral profiling, and a handful of other useful values.

Spectrometers for LED Measurement
These miniature rugged spectrometers are calibrated to test LED optical output in Luminous & Radiant Flux, spectral irradiance and LUX, microwatts/cm2, moles per second, PAR, Footcandles, CRI & CQS. Currently, StellarNet offers LED measurement systems in the 200-2300nm range. A majority of StellarNet’s spectrometers can be configured for LED measurement including the BLUE-Wave, High Resolution, High Sensitivity SILVER-Nova, and DWARF-Star NIR spectrometer models. The spectrometers can additionally be calibrated with our NIST traceable lamps for absolute intensity to be used to capture LED intensity profiles and shape. Typically an integrating sphere such as the IC2 2? or IS6 6? or IS12 12? integrating sphere is used with a radiant flux calibration (RAD-CAL).

StellarNet LED Testing Solutions? – UV-VIS-NIR Ranges 200-2300nm – Low cost – Ruggedized high performance – Shock-proof – Permanently aligned – SpectraWiz Software included Free – Battery packs and handheld option for field measurements – USB-2 interface to all notebook PCs

Typical System consists of a BLUE-Wave Spectrometer, Fiber Optic Cable, 6'' Integrating Sphere, and a Radiant Flux calibration in Watts/nm

Visible LED Measurement Spectrometers
The StellarNet miniature spectrometers are fiber optically coupled instruments with a wide selection of models for LED measurements in 200-1150nm wavelength ranges. BLACK-Comet and BLUE-Wave models are both very popular with LED testing
Visible High Resolution (HR) and High Sensitivity (SILVER-Nova) Spectrometers
The HR spectrometers have double the resolution over standard models with the same grating. The wavelength range is reduced by the same factor. Resolutions better than 0.1nm can be achieved depending on selected model range, detector, and slit size. The SILVER-Nova and SILVER-Nova-TEC-X2 offer the highest sensitivity with Thermo electric coolers down 15 & 30 degrees respectively which increase detection capabilities for low light LED measurement.
Near-Infrared LED Test Spectrometers
The DWARF-Star and RED-Wave NIR spectrometers can be spectrally calibrated for NIR LED testing from 900-1700nm. StellarNet offers various optional ranges with increase spectral resolution. Likewise a NIR can be paired with a visible unit to give you broadband spectral analysis over the 200-1100nm range.

StellarNet low cost LED Measurement Systems reliably test LED optical output in Luminous & Radiant Flux, spectral irradiance and LUX, microwatts/cm2, moles per second, PAR, Footcandles, CRI & CQS

StellarNet offers LED testing systems for comparing LED Lumens, CCT, x,y chromaticity, dominant wavelength and hue for QC/QA in the field such as the StellarRad Handheld Radiometer

Laboratory & Research Quality LED Measurement Systems typically include a BLACK-Comet concave grating spectrometer (with optional TEC), optical fiber, and integrating sphere
SpectroRadiometer Test Report – Enables customers to prepare and instantly display all of the relevant test data on one sheet making quality control and R&D efforts much more efficient. Instantly, acquire a complete spectrum of your test light source and view its color distribution with an under the curve wavelength color representation.

Experimental Setup for Laser, Laser Diode, and LED characterization. Larger Spheres such as IS6 and IS12 can be used in place of low cost IC2.

NIST Calibrations
StellarNet Calibration ServicesThe factory performs calibrations for the appropriate wavelength range of your spectrometer using NIST traceable calibration lamps (calibration service IRRAD-CAL must be ordered with spectrometer and proper measurement accessories)

Fast delivery: most system can be calibrated and shipped within 1 week after receipt of order.

Absolute calibration: accuracy within 10% at detector integration setting used for calibration.

Certificate available: documentation with NIST traceable serial numbers.

If the user has an appropriate irradiance calibration source lamp, a field re-calibration can be easily performed using the included SpectraWiz software.

StellarNet Integrating Spheres test LED light with an 180° field of view. The IC2 is a 2'' internal diameter sphere with 2 SMA connectors for illumination and light collection. The input port is 5/8''. The IS6 and IS12 are 6'' and 12'' StellarNet integrating spheres with 2.5'' input port with internal white coating. Mounting tripods and other accessories are available for LED measurement.
IS6 - 6'' Integrating Sphere IS12 - 12'' Integrating Sphere IS2 - 2'' Integrating Sphere

IS6 is a 6” diameter integrating sphere with a 2.0” input port, internal reflective coating, baffle system, and SMA fiber optic output. StellarNet 6? integrating spheres are now available with several port accessories such as calibration lamps, caps, SMA-couplers, and reducers.

IS12 For internal LED device mounting. The StellarSphere-IS12 is a 12” diameter integrating sphere featuring a vertical hinge that opens to allow access to the sample stage. The sample stage is equipped with powered device mounting sockets with a variety of detachable socket options. In addition, the StellarSphere-IS12 includes a tungsten halogen lamp and data file for system calibration using the SpectraWiz® radiometer application software. The IS12 option is best for customers trying to capture all of their LEDs emitted light for spectral analysis and total Lumen measurements.

IC2 is a 2” cube with internal integrating sphere. It has 5/8” input port and SMA fiber optic output. Another SMA input can be used for reflectance illumination. Select the IC2-TP miniature tripod for mounting the IC2 for alignment and repeatable measurement.

Low Light Configurations
Many popular applications involve measuring the irradiance of light sources with low output intensities. From ambient streetlight to UV-LEDs many people need to detect low levels of radiation. StellarNet spectrometers can be specially configured to measure these low light levels. The spectrometer aperture or slit can be adjusted to allow more light into the unit, thus making it more sensitive to radiation. For low light applications a 200um slit is the standard slit size. Additionally, low light level calibrations can be employed to further optimize the spectrometers ability to see low light levels. And lastly, a TEC cooler can be installed on the detector array to increase the signal to noise of the unit by 66%. This in affect allows the spectrometer to integrate over longer periods of time, collecting more and more photons, while keeping a low noise value. If you have a low light application be sure to discuss the configuration of your spectrometer.

Bright Light Configurations
In contrast, many industries require the measurement of really bright light emission. StellarNet spectrometers have a dynamic range of 6 decades allowing integration times from 1ms to 65s. StellarNet spectrometers can be specially configured for high power applications. The limitation of a high power radiometer will be limited by the power of the calibration source. StellarNet can configure Spectroradiometers to optimize calibration thus allowing the use of the units large dynamic range and detector linearity to allow high power light measurement. Additionally, smaller slits, fibers, and integration spheres can be employed to decrease the signal to the spectrometer. StellarNet offers a high light level calibration to further optimize the system performance.

LED Measurement Sample Spectra  

BLACK-Comet concave grating spectrometer for LED measurement capturing spectrum of Nichia White LED (190-850nm or 280-900nm). SpectraWiz software displays 1931 CIE Chromaticity Diagram with xy chromaticity values within .001 of LED specifications. Also displayed is LED dominant wavelength, purity value XYZ tri-stimulus values. SpectraWiz software allows the user to save samples, log data, auto-scale, and take dark references.

BLACK-Comet-SR concave grating spectrometer for LED measurements displaying irradiance values in Lumens as well as correlated color temperature (CCT). Choose model C-SR (200-1080nm) or CXR-SR (220-1100nm)

*Note only Concave grating spectrometers can be NIST calibrated for deep UV (IRRADUV-CAL) and VIS (IRRAD-CAL) measurements simultaneously.

BLACK-Comet spectral overlay of UV LEDs tested for our SL1-LED UV kit. In order to choose the best LEDs for fluorescence excitation it is required that the StellarNet R&D test all incoming LEDs for wavelength and absolute intensity as compared to the manufacturers specifications.

BLUE-Wave-VIS model miniature spectrometer can be calibrated for irradiance measurements also. The spectrometer has a range from 350-1150nm and can be calibrated for irradiance measurements (IRRAD-CAL). BLUE-Wave spectrometers have the advantage of being smaller and powered by USB; however, lack the benefits of research grade concave grating optics. Contact me to determine the best spectrometer for your LED analysis.

LED Measurement System Options
Item Description Price
Preconfigured LED Measurement System  

Preconfigured LED Measurement System with IS6 6'' integrating sphere, BLUE-Wave-VIS spectrometer for spectral range 350-1150nm, F600-VISNIR fiber optic cable, & RAD-CAL NIST traceable Radiant Flux calibration in Watts/nm. SpectraWiz Spectroscopy software is included FREE. Preconfigured system also includes an IS-Lamp NIST traceable calibration source for system recalibrations & DUT absorption corrections as well as an IRRAD-CAL-DOC Certificate of Calibration.

The StellarNet Handheld-Radiometer measures illuminance, chromaticity, dominant wavelength and the complete spectral distribution of all visible light 350-1100nm (with options for Infrared or Ultra Violet). Full spectral data is collected using <1nm research grade optics. It has a 5x7“, touch-pad tablet interface that’s both ergonomic and user-friendly. UV upgrade for 250-1100nm range for $500.
Spectrometers for Chemistry Applications  
Visible spectrometer 350-1150nm (UV options available)
Concave Grating spectrometer for UV-VIS. C(190-850nm) or CXR (280-900nm)
Super Range Concave Grating spectrometer for UV-VIS-NIR. C-SR (200-1080nm) or CXR-SR (220-1100nm)
TEC Upgrade

Thermo Electric Cooler (TEC) upgrade for low light LED testing to improve measurement sensitivity and detection capability. TEC reducing noise effects over %50 at long exposures and includes a sealed and isolated detector enclosure with specialized heat sink and air flow design for added stability and cool operation.
High Sensitivity “Super Range” spectrometer for 190-1110nm. Price includes slit, UV detector upgrade, detector lens assembly, integrated order sorting filters, composite grating mounted in large optical bench for wide range, included TE cooled detector, and USB-2 interface cable. Standard TE cooler maintains 15 degrees below ambient with 50% noise reduction. Interchangeable Slit upgrade available!
Compact NIR spectrometer with miniature size (5x2x3 '') and extremely robust design with 512 element PDA, range 900-1700nm, 2.5nm resolution with 25um slit, 16-bit digitizer, high speed USB-2.
Compact NIR spectrometer with miniature size (5x2x3 '') and extremely robust design with 1024 element InGaAs PDA, range 900-1700nm, 1.25nm resolution with 25um slit, 16-bit digitizer, high speed USB-2.
BLACK-Comet model C-SR (UV-VIS-NIR, CCD) plus RED-Wave- NIR-512 (InGaAs PDA) for 200-1700nm
BLACK-Comet model C-SR (UV-VIS-NIR, CCD) plus RED-Wave-NIR- 1024 (InGaAs PDA) for 200-1700nmDA
NIST Traceable Calibration Options  
IRRAD-CAL SpectroRadiometric Calibration VIS-NIR for range 300-1100nm or 900-1700nm $250
IRRADUVN-CAL SpectroRadiometric Calibration VIS-NIR for range 300-1700nm $500
IRRADUV-CAL SpectroRadiometric Calibration UV for range 200-400nm $250
RAD-CAL Radiant power calibration (flux) in Watts/nm and Lumen/nm (for LEDs) 300-1100nm $250
RAD-CAL-SR Radiance calibration in Watts/sr/m^2/nm can measure Cd/m^2/nm – requires CR-LENS for CR2 $250
IRRAD-CAL-DOC Optional Irradiance Calibration certificate with NIST traceable serial numbers $125
Fiber Optic Accessories for Calibrated Measurement  
CR2 CR2 Cosine Receptor for UV-VIS-NIR 1/4 inch diameter and 180° field of view
CR2-AP Screw on 10% aperture for CR2, allows measurement of light that is 10 times brighter
IC2 Integrating Cube Receptor (Sphere), 2 x2 x2 inches with 5/8 inch input port
IS6 6” integrating sphere with a 2.0” input port, 1 SMA fiber optic output, and internal white coating
IS12 12” integrating sphere that allows for internal mounting of devices for light measurement such as discrete LEDs, arrays, and bulbs. The sphere opens for simple access to mounting devices. IS12 Sphere includes lamp with data file used to calibrate the system for total flux measurements in watts/nm and lumens/nm.
F600-VIS-NIR Armored, 600um diameter single strand, multimode fiber optic cable with black PVC jacket and 2 SMA conectors-2 meter length for wavelength range 400-2200nm $160
F600-UVVIS-SR Armored Solarization Resistant 600um fiber optic cable – 2 meters $195
IC2-TP Tripod for mounting and positioning IC2 light receptors

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