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What happened up to now:

  • May- June 2016: With the direct fundraising attempt, about 23% of the initial Kickstarter goal could be raised. Which was enough for me to begin the software development work in mid June.
  • June 16 - Nov 11 2016: During the last months I was working full-time on the new software, while the funding sum slowly rose to about EURO 7000, which corresponds to 29% of the Kickstarter goal. After some interruption due to change of location, I could finally release the first version of the new software on Nov. 11. Here is: Spectragryph v1.0
  • Nov 28 2016: Now, it is up to you again to enable the next development steps to create a really versatile generally usable spectroscopy software. Let's reach a funding sum of EURO 12000 (50% of the Kickstarter goal) and I will create new functionality like spectral database search, automation of processing steps and spectrometer hardware control! Read also the email on this topic, as sent today to over 13000 Spekwin32/ Spectragryph users
The new software is here! First version released on Nov. 11 2016
  • Free you spectral data from the spectrometer system
  • View, plot, process & analyze your optical spectra anywhere
  • 40+ file formats recognized
  • Use with UV-VIS, NIR, FTIR, Raman, LIBS, fluorescence data
  • Simply process multiple files at once
  • Free for private, academic, non-commercial use

The new target:

  • Let's raise the funding sum from the current 7,000 EURO to: 12,000 EURO
  • let's reach this goal until 15. of December.

  • Enable development of further functional development goals, as mostly laid out in the master plan.
  • as there are: spectral file converter
  • enabling time series, spreadsheet mode and Excel interaction
  • spectral matching + library search
  • result assessment + report generation
  • driving spectrometer hardware (Ocean Optics, Avantes, Stellarnet, USB cams...)

Physical rewards for supporters

  • Every supporter donating EUR 10 or more, obtains a 9 x 6 cm Spectroscopy Ninja sticker in professional quality
  • Every supporter donating EUR 50 or more, obtains a custom Spectroscopy Ninja mug (dishwasher safe, non-scratching/fading)
    physical rewards
    To be sent to everywhere in the world, no shipping cost involved.
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  • donate by purchasing a "Spectroscopy Ninja Support License" from the MyCommerce webshop (which I normally use for selling commercial licenses. These new "support licenses" allow to collect your donation from all over the world).
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  • or else request a quote, invoice or any other required documents (if you represent an institution and have to adhere to a purchasing process...)
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