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Just released!
The brand-new, top-modern
successor software for Spekwin32

Spectragryph 1.0


Software for optical spectroscopy.
Easy to use. Rock solid. Lean. Free for private & academic use.

What it does
  • View multiple optical spectra from different methods (UV/VIS, NIR, IR, Raman, fluorescence) and from different sources
  • Process and analyze many spectra simultaneously
  • Special focus on parameter calculation and manipulation of absorption and fluorescence spectra (e. g. extinction coefficients, fluorescence quantum yields, EEM functions, spike removal, chemometric preprocessing)
  • Advanced Baselining, smoothing
  • Automated peak labeling
  • Supported data formats include:
    • THERMO Nicolet OMNIC, JASCO Spectra Manager
    • Perkin Elmer, Shimadzu, Avantes Avasoft
    • Ocean Optics, Varian Cary 50, Agilent HP8453,
    • Stellarnet, Ascanis, VWR, Princeton Instruments WinSpec/WinView, Beckman Coulter DU 600/700
    • Scinco Neosys, Horiba Datamax,
    • RRUFF Raman database, and others
  • Importing arbitrary data via clipboard
  • Export data as:
    ASCII, THERMO Galactic SPC, JCAMP-DX, CSV, RRUFF, or binary data
  • Batch Export as *.dx, spc, csv
  • Batch export into dx, spc, csv multi-files
  • Export plots as graphics file:

What's new

What to find

Use conditions

+++ minor update: version 1.72.2 from June 14, 2016 +++
+++ NEW: Normalization by area+++
+++ NEW: Reading of THERMO Nicolet OMNIC *.spa spectral files+++
+++ NEW: Reading of ColVisTec *.wl & *.dat spectral files+++
+++ NEW: further improved reading of JASCO *.jws files, recognizes reflectance & RamanShift+++

+++ minor update: version 1.72.1 from March 20, 2016 +++
+++ NEW: improved reading of JASCO *.jws files, greater range of JASCO files+++
+++ NEW: individual settings and "most recently use files" list for each user+++
+++ NEW: improved behaviour for "limited user accounts", no more writing to program folder+++

+++ major version 1.72.0 from October 12, 2015 +++
+++ NEW: Reading additional file formats from 9 new sources: Ocean Optics (*.procspec); JASCO (*.jws); Shimadzu UV-1600/ UV-1800(*.spc); VWR UV-1600PC (*.wls); PECSS (*.sp); Unicam U450 (*.csv); Ascanis Lambda-SPX/ VISIONlite (*.dsp); StellarNet SpectraWiz (*.abs, *.trm, *.ssm, *.irr, *.lib); USGS Spectral Library (*asc); +++
+++ NEW: Strongly improved reading of ASCII data in *.csv file format +++
+++ NEW: Saving of *.rruff files for RRUFF/ CrystalSleuth database +++
+++ NEW: Accept data pasted from the clipboard and directly convert to plot +++
+++ NEW: Reading of unknown binary files into Excel template, to reveal internal structure +++
+++ NEW: Batch Export into spc, dx and csv files+++
+++ NEW: Automated Peak labeling function (finally!) +++
+++ NEW: "Spectroscope View" simulates visual appearance as seen through hand spectroscope +++
+++ NEW: "Advanced Baselining": interactive mode for linear, adaptive, scattering baseline types +++
+++ NEW: "Advanced Smoothing": "Moving box", "Savitzky-Golay", "Percentil filter" +++
+++ NEW: Calculate Raman Shift spectrum from a wavelength spectrum + laser wavelength +++
+++ NEW: Integration: Show average value together with integral value +++
+++ NEW: Variable Threshold for peak detection, "Inverted peak finding" for transmission maxima +++
+++ NEW: Show peak bandwidth (FWHM) together with found peaks +++
+++ NEW: Attribute excitation wavelengths to series of fluorescence spectra +++
+++ NEW: Automated removal of 1. & 2. order Rayleigh & Raman scatter peaks from EEM data +++
+++ NEW: Subtract a Blank dataset from an EEM+++
+++ NEW: Switch EX/EM direction for EEM plot, export EEM plot to Clipboard+++
+++ NEW: Optional setting: multiple instances+++
==> Read more details in version history <==

Non-Commercial use:
Spekwin32 is freeware for private, academic & non-commercial users. A non-commercial license will be issued on request without any cost.

Commercial use:
A single-time licence fee is necessary for permanent commercial use. Read more...

No more download & license purchase for Spekwin32, instead please use the new Spectragryph software as a replacement for Spekwin32!
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