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The Spectroscopy Ninja

fast, efficient, universal

lean, rock solid, easy to use

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Read more about the history of this software, the funding story of the Spectragryph development, and future plans for the software from here

- optical spectroscopy software - new development start in 2016
  • Free your spectral data from the spectrometer system
  • View, plot, process & analyze your optical spectra anywhere
  • 89 spectrum file formats recognized
  • Use with UV-VIS, NIR, FTIR, Raman, LIBS, fluorescence, XRF data
  • Simply process multiple files at once. Automation possible.
  • Spectral database search. Load OMNIC and GRAMS commercial libraries
  • Connect 12 spectrometers brands for data acquisition
  • Free for private, academic, non-commercial use

now providing: Stellarnet hardware!

- Compact Spectrometer Technologies-

Near Infrared
532, 785, 1064nm
low cost / simple interface

- Modular Spectrometer Systems-


Useful information:

other spectroscopy software | | | | spectral databases | | | | using legacy spectrometers

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R.I.P. Spekwin32 Development stopped, replaced by new Spectragyph in 11/2016. Documentation remaining online!

Spekwin32 - Spectroscopy Software English version

  • Open all sorts of spectra into one software.
  • Process & analyze them with ease.
  • Works with UV/VIS, NIR, FTIR, Raman, fluorescence spectra
  • Easy to use. Rock solid. Lean. Free for private & academic use

Spekwin32 - Spektroskopie-SoftwareGerman Version

  • Spektren aller Art mit einer Software öffnen
  • Einfach darstellen, bearbeiten und analysieren
  • Für UV/VIS, NIR, FTIR, Raman, Fluoreszenz-Spektren
  • Einfach. Zuverlässig. Kompakt. Frei für private & akademische Nutzung
04/2016: Created a software prototype to demonstrate Spekwin32's new capabilities towards spectrometer hardware control. It is is able to acquire live spectra from all kinds of webcam-based Do-It-Yourself spectrometers and do most necessary transformations live.
Get description, documentation & download from project.



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