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history of drug use
Elementymology & Elements Multidictionary
The Scientific Revolution
Professor Robert A. HATCH - The Scientific Revolution HomePage
The Scientific Revolution - Useful Dates
Catalog of the Scientific Community in the 16th and 17th Centuries
Geometry.Net - Scientists: INDEX
Scientific Biographies and Quotations
Carmen Giunta's classic chemistry page
Selected Classic Papers from the History of Chemistry
British Eighteenth-Century Chemical Terms
ChemTeam: Classic Papers Menu
Chemische Briefe von Justus Liebig - Inhalt


Alchimie et Hermétisme
The alchemy web site and virtual library
German Section of alchemy web site
Perpetual fires, luminous substances and Phosphorus
Athanasius Kircher: Là où les tigres sont chez eux

Chemie in der Kunst

"Aesthetics of Chemical Products" von J. Schummer (in: HYLE - Int. J. for Philosophy of Chemistry 9 (2003), 73-104)
Max Ernst: Castor and Pollution (1923)
Roy Lichtenstein: Peace Through Chemistry (1970)
Guggenheim Collection - Artist - Pollock - Alchemy
Gassner Paintings - Chemistry
Chemical Heritage Fond (CHF):  Exhibits
Alchemical Art - CHF gets addition to prized collection from Roy Eddleman
Enter the Gallery of Alchemical Art
Alchemical paintings of Adam McLean
Flamel College Picture Gallery. Drawings and paintings of the alchemists and mystics.


Artificial Chemistry
Chemist's Art Gallery
Periodic Table
The Comic Book Periodic Table
Alles über Sprengstoffe
Leeds Chemistry Lecture Demonstrations
Water structure, function, behavior and properties: an explanation of H2O
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