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Apple Computer
macnews.de - Das deutsche Macintosh Online News Magazin
Macintosh Software Updates - VersionTracker.com

Hardware Seitenanfang

Tom´s Hardware Guide Deutsch
Hardwareschotte.de der Hardware-Preisvergleicher
ciao.de - Computer Test und Preisvergleich
idealo.de - Preisvergleich und Online Shopping bei
Alternate Computerversand GmbH
FMS Computer und Kommunikationssysteme
comtech - Hardware, Software, Zubehör, Spiele.
Chili-Electronic-Store GmbH
cyberport.de | upgrade your life.
BRD.NET - Internet Zugang - Domain Service - Web Mastering
Computer Keyboards
Introducing the Dvorak Keyboard
PC Magazine: Test Your Own Monitor

mobile/wearable computing Seitenanfang

Extreme Computing - Mobile Computing Hardware
eyeborg - Wearable Computers (Linksammlung) (momentan nur übers Internet-Archiv zu erreichen)
MIT - wearable computing
Xybernaut is the leader in Wearable computers!
Zerospin - The Ripley Wearable Computer
TekGear - Wearable Computing, Pervasive Computing.
Charmed Technology - Home Page
MicroOptical - Welcome
Vision of the Future: Personal Touch (Phillips Design-Studien)
PHILLIPS - Ambient Intelligence

Software Seitenanfang

Abandonware Filez
The valuable DOS Freeware page.
The Partition Resizer Home Page
Software documentation - Read manuals before you'll buy software titles - SoftDox Project
PDFzone.com- The online authority for PDF and document management professionals

Download Seitenanfang

FONT PAGES(compiled and edited by Luc Devroye)
Yamada Language Center: Font Archive
Simtel.Net - A worldwide distribution network for Shareware, Freeware, and Public Domain software.
CNET.com - Downloads - PC
TUCOWS: Welcome to Windows NT
Download Software
Download software 4 free
DriverFiles.net - Your quest ends here.
LEO - Link Everything Online - Software-Archiv
CWSApps - Stroud's Consummate Winsock Apps List: Download Free ...
File Library of Channel 1 (R) -- "Best Shareware in the USA!" since 1986

Webspace Seitenanfang

Kostenlose Homepages
Freier Webspace
Portland Communications
VirtualAvenue: Home


Mozilla Homepage
Mozilla Releases
mozdev.org - themes: index
DeskMod - Skins, Themes, Wallpapers, and More!
KaiRo's Mozilla skin downloads
Preferences Toolbar
optimoz: gestures/index
Welcome to Mozilla 1.0!
Mozilla 1.0 Frequently Asked Questions Index
Deutsche Mozilla FAQ
Netscape 6/7 Tips (hmetzger.de)
Hidden Mozilla Preferences

Genetic Algorithms Seitenanfang

MATLAB > Genetic algorithms
MathStat Software
SourceCode Collection, GA Archive
GeneHunterGenetic Algorithm Software
VerticesWint95: Genetic Algorithms
Nonlinear Programming FAQ
Genetic Programming FAQ
Computational Statistics by James E. Gentle
The Genetic Programming Notebook

DNA-Computer Seitenanfang

The DNA Computer
DNA Computer Pages
DNA: The Biological Computer (!)
DNA computer
5th International Meeting on DNA Based Computers
Running dynamic programming algorithms on a DNA computer
Bibliography of Molecular Computation and Splicing Sytems
DNA Computing
Fluorescent Method for DNA Computing
BBC News | Sci/Tech | Biological computer prototype unveiled
BBC News | Sci/Tech | Biological computer born

Delphi Seitenanfang

efg's Reference Library
efg's Computer Lab
The Delphi Bug List
Delphi Super Page
Delphi32.com -- The Premier Source for Delphi Developers!
Dr.Bob's Delphi Technical Programming Articles
Unofficial Delphi Developers FAQ
The Software Developers Pages
Tribute to Delphi
Econos - Coding Standard Document
p.i.c.s. Delphi-FAQ
de.comp.lang.delphi.* (Infos)
Delphi Links
delphi3000.com - The Free Platform for all Delphi-Developers
Torry's Delphi Pages.
High Performance Delphi
BetaSoft - Freeware and Shareware for Delphi Developers
Software Development Lohninger
Project JEDI - Home

HTML, Web-Design Seitenanfang

W3C HTML Validation Service
WebReference.com - The Webmaster's Reference Library
Webmonkey: The Web Developers Ressources
htmlcompendium.org - The Compendium of HTML Elements
HTML Help by The Web Design Group
Welcome to the CSS Pointers Group
Viewable with Any Browser: Campaign
amalaya.de: webdesign
HBI Stuttgart | Digitales Informationsdesign
Dr. Web: Webdesign
m i d a s : a guide to tricky html
Kommunikationsdesign: Software-Ergonomie, Kommunikation, Psychologie im Webdesign
GUI Design - Intro
Art and the Zen of Web Sites
Creating Killer Websites Online
Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design ( May 1996)
"Top Ten Mistakes" Revisited (May 1999)
Web Pages That Suck -- learn good design by looking at bad
Bookmarklets Home Page - free tools for power surfing

Datenbanken, Infos, allg. Seitenanfang

Linux Documentation Project
Unofficial SuSE FAQ
ZDNet: Help & How-To
Windows NT Megasite: WinNT Features, Tips, WinNT Info and WinNT News!
FOLDOC - Computing Dictionary
Webopedia: Online Dictionary for Computer and Internet Terms
The Jargon Lexicon
FileExt - The File Extension Source
Wotsit - The Programmer's File Format Collection
What Is...every file format in the world
Common Internet File Formats
File Format Support
Fachbegriffe der Informatik

FAQs Seitenanfang

Häufig gestellte Fragen zu MS Word (super!)
Die Tips und Tricks auf Knoch-Online
MicroKnowledge FAQ pages
Die deutsche WINFAQ
Windows NT and Windows 2000 FAQ (formerly NTFAQ.com)
PCtip Website Home
PCDmichas WinTotal
c't - FAQ (Office wird langsamer)
c't - 1 000 000 Tips und Tricks
Allexperts.com--Ask any question!
Allexperts--Ask a question! => MS Word

Anonymous Surfing Seitenanfang

Robert Graham - Hacking Lexicon
Robert Graham - Sniffing (network wiretap, sniffer) FAQ
New Order - the computer & networking security portal
Gibson Research Corporation (GRC) Homepage
GRC - File Downloader Spying
ALL nettools - Privacy on the Net: Practical Issues
ALL nettools - Anonymous Surfing
Web Anonymizers Page
The Rewebber: Anonymity in the World Wide Web
SecureRoot Underground Search - Anonymity
Privacy Analysis of your Internet Connection
Zero-Knowledge Systems

Reverse Engineering Seitenanfang

ASTALAVISTA.COM | Underground Directory
(¯`·.¸(¯`·.¸ Fravia's pages of reverse engineering ¸.·´¯)¸.·´¯)
corrosive.net - Pissing off the mainstream since 1997

Usenet Seitenanfang

Google Groups
Internet FAQ Consortium
Uni Paderborn: FAQ-Sammlung
Utrecht CS News.Answers FAQ Access Methods
E-Mail und Usenet-FAQs und Hinweistexte
Freie Newsserver
Die Usenet-Laws
Wie zitiere ich im Usenet?
Kürzel, Smilie-Sammlung und Abkürzungs-Verzeichnis
detebe-Archiv aus der alten Zeit
detebe - die Aufrechte Neuigkeitenverbreitungsgruppe de.talk.bizarre

IRC Seitenanfang

mIRC - An Internet Relay Chat program
YAIP ircII help 2.9
de.comm.chatsystems FAQ (Haeufig gestellte Fragen, mit Antworten)

Colour Seitenanfang

Farbsysteme in Kunst und Wissenschaft (Deutsch, English, Français)
efg's Reference Library: Delphi Graphics Algorithms -- Color
efg's Color Reference Library -- Color and Computers
Why Should Engineers and Scientists Be Worried About Color?

Antivirus Seitenanfang

TU-Berlin "Hoax"-Beschreibung
Singapore ONE Files Exchange Center
www.top-download.de - Anti-Virus
Symantec Corporation
F-Secure Computer Virus Info Center
PC Flank: Make sure you're protected on all sides

verschiedenes Seitenanfang

Network-Tools - Traceroute, Ping, DNS-Lookup, WHOIS, DNS Records Lookup
alldas.org defacement archives
The A. L. I. C. E. Nexus
Fakten und geschichtliche Entwicklung des INTERNET
Deja Vu: (re-)creating web history
The Internet Archive: Building an 'Internet Library'
Warriors of the Net clips
Visualware - VisualRoute Server Live Demo
A few scanning tips - Scanner Help - Basics 101
How To Program In ASP, SGML, Pascal, Fortran, REXX, QBasic & More
FirstSurf - Computer & Net - Mit 5 Dioptrien und Buckel vorm Monitor?
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