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Spectragryph is
Fast, efficient & lean Rock solid & easy to use Free for private & academic use

Working on every Windows version from WinXP - Win10. Switchable user interface, choose from 12 years of Windows UI design changes...

with Spectragryph you can
Plot, process, analyze & convert
spectral data from 64 file formats
Work on and combine data from
UV/VIS, fluorescence, NIR, FTIR, LIBS, Raman, XRF
Do parallel processing of multiple spectra for all functions
& batch conversion of all formats into four export formats
Create nice interactive multi-spectrum plots by just drag&dropping your files in, zoom around, change axis types and axis titles, display peak labels, customize label text, use the multi cursor, create a stacked view, ... Process your spectra with baseline correction, advanced smoothing algorithms, peak and area normalization, spike removal, cutting, sorting, renaming, removing scatter peaks from fluorescence, calculate derivatives, ... Analyze your spectra with the peak finder, calculate FWHMs, concentrations, extinction coefficients, film thickness, integrate with or without baselines, use the data extraction tool, ...
Control spectrometer hardware, live acquisition of spectral data (Andor, Avantes, OceanOptics, StellarNet, TSI/Chemlogix, Wasatch Photonics, USB webcams) Define data processing sequences (to be combined from 40 processing steps), for repeated automated execution with arbitrary numbers of spectra Identify unknown samples with spectral database search & matching, create custom spectral libraries from all file formats, load commercial libraries, create automated search reports

See a more comprehensive feature overview

Some screenshots (many more here):

Automated peak labeling as known from Spekwin32, with all the configuration options. Also manual labelling available Changing color palette for spectral lines integration function with individual baseline

Download information material about Spectragryph:

Download a 40-page presentation about Spectragryph as
or PDF
(from 06/2018)

a 1-page
poster about


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