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Spekwin32 news

June 15, 2016: new minor update of Spekwin32 release: Version v1.72.2
This one contains again some bugfixes related to JASCO files and now also Reflectance type and RamanShift type are recognized. Additionally, two new file types were introduced: THERMO Nicolet OMNIC *.spa files and *.wl/ *.dat files from ColVisTec inline spectrometers. One new function: "Normalization by area"
This is the real final update to Spekwin32 as you know it, because I just started to work on the all-new Spekwin32 successor.

April 23, 2016: "universal software for DIY webcam spectrometers"
Today (Hackaday, April 23), I've invested the bigger part of the day into a quick hack, to demonstrate the potential use of my optical spectroscopy software SPEKWIN32 together with webcam-based DIY spectrometers. It is not perfect, but it works:-) All documentation + prototype software download is on the Hackaday project website
What it does (after four updates):

  • Connect to any webcam, that is recognized by Windows system
  • show a webcam live view
  • show a live horizontal cross section as a spectrum within a Spekwin32 plot window
  • identify each measured spectrum with live time stamp
  • for emission spectra: save a dark spectrum + automated live subtraction of dark
  • for transmittance/absorbance: save a reference spectrum + automated live calculation of absorbance/ transmitttance
  • use automated peak labeling during live view
  • optionally flip the spectrum, to adjust to the original image orientation
  • clipping warning for blue, green red channel
  • visually define the spectrum ROI, that is used for cross-section calculation
  • assign the spectrum's linear wavelength range
  • access webcam settings via Windows webcam interface. Depending on webcam type: also control exposure time, white balance & the like
  • Disconnect the webcam
  • Keep last measured spectrum. Process with all available functions. Save data and export into different file formats (spc, dx, csv, ...). Direct copy&paste via clipboard into Excel and the like. Create plot image files. Print. ...

March 20, 2016: release of minor update & announcement
Today, a minor update was released (v1.72.1). It contains some bugfixes related to reading JASCO *.jws files. These binary files come from a bunch of JASCO spectrometer and software versions, and can be quite diverse in internal structure. Now, more of them are recognized in a more reliable way, but quite sure this is not the final stage for JASCO files... Additionally, Spekwin32 is now fully compatible with a LUA setting (LUA = limited user account), and all the setting from the options dialog are now saved individually for each users.
This will be the last update for Spekwin32, as it is known. My next step will be developing a modernized successor to Spekwin32, as described here: http://www.effemm2.de/nextgen/index_en.html

February 2016: job search is over
Things have a changed a bit since last autumn. First, the final date for my current employment at Tecan was postponed 4 months to end of May 2016. Second, I won't search any longer for a job. This additional four months is perhaps all I needed to finally decide for self employment. Yes, I was job hunting, I met three times with two companies, I got two offers. Both would have put inacceptable restraints on my "work life balance". Both beared the risk of once more working my ass up for years, just to realize one day I was working in vain. Life beyond 40 feels too limited to follow this path any further. Now I am planning to go full steam with Spectroscopy Ninja from Juin 2016. Most probably, work hours will get longer than before. However, the work hours are invested into my own work, and it's me who decides which work is worth while. Bringing together work hours and familiy hours will be much easier, and I don't have to spend my spare time on it any more. There is no need any more to commute to a working place, where I had to sit around with people I didn't choose to have around me. Not that I had bad colleagues, but still it is a sort of coercion I will not miss. Most probably, the degree of uncertainty will rise considerably. However, it is in my own responsibility to handle the uncertainty and get over it. The assumed higher certainty of being an employee is in fact an illusion and of transient nature. An employees professional future is always at the mercy of some upper management "strategic" decisions and often enough, these decisions are independent from his personal performance. Now, I will shape my future on my own. If I fail, then I fail due to myself screwing it up. No more blaming someone else. No more helplessly standing by and see good beginnings being botched up through other's ignorance. Sounds like a bright future to me!

Oct 30, 2015: job search
I would like to announce that I am on again with searching for a new position. Now that we've successfully developed the next generation multi-mode microplate reader platform, my current employer is drastically cutting back next year's R&D budget. From February 2016, I am open for any position, appointment or fixed-term contract in the field of bioanalytical device development, spectrometer-based system development or scientific/ spectroscopy software development. I have 10+ years experience in product development in an industrial setting. Don't hesitate to contact me. For more details about me please view my LinkedIn profile or the more detailed CV.

Oct 12, 2015: new release
After a three years' wait, the current release of version 1.72 brings a long list of new and revised functionality. I consider it as a big step forward, please get an overview from here. Another change: from this version on, Spekwin32 will no longer be unlimited! The downloadable version is still fully functional, but there is a built-in flexible time limit, depending on your use intensity. Non-commercial use is still free, no change to this, you just have to ask for a free license. Payment processing has changed from J-M-S to MyCommerce, a world-wide renowned provider of this service.

April 2015: removed Sitemeter counter from all pages
Nearly since the beginnings of the Spekwin32 website in 2003, a free visitor counter from Sitemeter was used to display the total count of visitors. Now I've learned, that Sitemeter is owned by Viant and the counter is used for tracking and installing unwanted cookies. So, after 131,078 visitors counted since 08/2003, the Sitemeter counter is turned off. It won't annoy or track you any more!!

June 2014: bought a new domain: www.spectroscopy.ninja
Just recently, the new .ninja top level domains were coming out. I couldn't resist and bought me the spectroscopy.ninja domain:-) The Spekwin32 site can now be also be reached under the URL above. It sounds really cool, doesn't it? Now I am your Spectroscopy Ninja: fast, efficient, already there when needed, with a small footprint and leaving without a trace.

Jan 29, 2014: LinkedIn discussion group created: Optical Spectroscopy Software
As a replacement for the current user forum, a new LinkedIn discussion grou was created. The goal is to connect optical spectroscopy software users in general and Spekwin32 users especially. What I hope to find as topics: discussions all around optical spectroscopy software, spectral data analysis and spectral data formats. Of course, all your inquiries about Spekwin32 related issues are especially welcome, might it be questions, feature requests, complaints or success stories. It will also be used by myself to occasionally announce changes, updates and other news regarding Spekwin32.

Nov 07, 2012: paying for Spekwin32 (updated customer list from May 2016)
Yes, paying for it. Despite the fact that everyone is able to download a fully functional (since 10/2015: time-limited version) the terms of use require commercial users to purchase a licence for legal permanent use.
See a list of companies that paid for it.

Juin 07, 2010: another mission accomplished
From this day on, I will work as systems engineer in the R&D department of Tecan Austria GmbH at Grödig near Salzburg/Austria. I'm proud to join this company and I'm looking forward to contribute my part to the further development of world-class microplate readers, slide scanners and other devices for biomedical analysis. This means also leaving Jena/Germany, the town of Ernst Abbe, Carl Zeiss and Otto Schott, the pacemakers of modern optical technology. I will miss this lovely, child-friendly town full of highly educated people, but nonetheless I am sure me and my family will enjoy our new living-place at Berchtesgaden inmidst the Alps.

January 22, 2010: new release, new terms of use
After many years of Spekwin32 being totally free for everyone, I decided to change the terms of use. The software stays free for non-commercial, private, academic and educational use. However, commercial use requires one-time purchase of a valid licence. Everyone will be able to download the full version of Spekwin32, there are no function or time limits and no nag screens. I want you to use Spekwin32, therefore I don't waste any time and energy with preventing or limiting the use of this software. Commercial users utilizing Spekwin32 permanently are trusted to stay legal and purchase their licence.
There are also new features: there is a "real" installation file finally, you will find new and overworked menu items in the Help menu and there is more general support of csv files. The website somewhat expanded, with new screenshots and extensive contact information and you are invited to join and contribute to the discussion forum.

July 30, 2009: new release
The current release of version 1.71.1 fulfils a long-held wish of a couple of users: reading of all available flavours of PERKIN ELMER spectral sp files. Until now, Spekwin32 could only cope with fully ASCII sp files, now it also works with fully binary and mixed ASCII/binary types. Please try it out, I didn't have too much test files! Oh, and I'm still on with searching for a new position, see below...

May 23, 2009 job search
I would like to announce that I am searching for a new position (preferably outside of Germany, but inside Europe).
So if you have or know about a well-paid, interesting and demanding R&D position for a person with expert knowledge in in optical spectroscopy, fluorescence, fluorescent dyes and labels, scientific software development, microarrays, microfluidics, PCR, immunoassays, biomedical device and assay development together with 4 years experience in product development in an industrial setting: don't hesitate to contact me. For more details about me please view my XING profile or the more detailed CV.

May 19, 2009: new release
Today's release of version 1.71.0 ist the first release since almost a year. Now that my doctorate is really finished, releases might become more frequent again.
Upon user request, I implemented the ability to read a special flavour of THERMO Galactic's spc file format: multifiles. These files contain a multitude of subspectra in one single file. By the way: there is a good chance for your file format to be implemented, if it's not too exotic and of some general usability.

April 22, 2009: mission accomplished
After publishing my doctoral thesis online, struggling through a lot of forms and questionnaires and having printed some hard copies for the university library, I finally received my "Promotionsurkunde" the official document stating my successfully reached doctoral degree (only a few days after the birth of our third child, a daughter). Now, I am officially allowed to call myself "Dr. Friedrich Menges" :-)) This quest has come to a good end...

February 27, 2009: thesis defence
It's now almost four years since I left university to earn a living for me and my familiy. Today was a great day as my scientific career culminated in today's final thesis defence of my dissertation. Everything went fine, and I will be called a "Doktor" soon.

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