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The brand-new, top-modern
successor software for Spekwin32

Spectragryph 1.0



Main Window

When starting Spekwin32, the program's splash screen will be shown, including the program icon, the version number and the licensing status.

1. Main Menu

All functions (except Zoom/Rescale) are accessed via the Main Menu.

2. Icon Bar

Some of the more important functions can also be accessed via the icons of the Icon Bar. The function of icons is shown, when resting a while above them.

3. Graph Window

The Graph Window is always visible, consisting of axes with axis titles, loaded spectra and legend with corresponding legend texts. When no spectrum is loaded, there are no axis titles.

possible axis types:
x values y values
  • wavelength Lambda [nm]
  • wavelength [µm]
  • wavenumbers nü [1/cm]/ Raman shift
  • electron volts [eV]
  • transmittance / reflectance
  • absorbance / intensity
  • molar absorption coefficient epsilon
  • log(absorption coefficient) log(epsilon)
The above terminology complies with IUPAC Recommendations on "Nomenclature, Symbols, Units and their use in Spectrochemical Analysis, Part VII: Molecular Absorption Spectroscopy, Ultraviolet and Visible", published in Pure & Applied Chemistry, Vol. 60, pp. 1449-1460 (1988)
  • Axes can be changed in [Plot/Options]/[Axes].
  • Font of Axis Ticks can be changed in [Plot/Options]/[Axes Font], Font of Axis Titles and Legend Titles (together) can be changed in [Plot/Options]/[Legend Font]. These might be permanently changed in [Plot/Options]/[Configuration].
  • Properties of spectra display (Colour, Line Type, Line Width) and the corresponding text of the Legend Title can be changed in [Spectra]/[General].
  • The Mouse is for zooming in and out.
  • Select the zoom range with the left mouse button. The program zooms in to the next axis ticks for a straight axis numbering.
  • The middle mouse button repaints the Graph Window.
  • The right mouse button does a Rescale, all spectra will be displayed completely.
  • The Legend Box can be moved with the left mouse button. It can be hidden with [Plot/Options]/[Legend on/off].

4. Status Bar

The Status Bar at the lower edge is divided in three parts:

  • On the left, the current number of loaded spectra is shown.
  • In the middle, various program messages will be shown.
  • On the right, the current mouse position (x axis | y axis) is continuously shown in units of the graph axes.
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